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About us

We are a small dedicated company, who take pride in the manufacture of quality English oak furniture. 

Operating out of an old converted mill in Colne, Lancashire, Designs Direct only produce hand crafted carbon neutral furniture.  Using the expertise of our wood craftsmen, we are able to keep the long standing tradition of wood work alive yet help minimise any harmful impact to our environment.

How do we manage this? 

  • We keep the use of our workshop machinery to a minimum.
  • We use our wood waste as a source of fuel in our industrial wood burner.
  • We only buy wood from sawmills that use sustainable and sensitively managed local forests.
  • By buying in from local mills, we help keep transportation operations and energy consumption to a minimum.
  • We only apply natural oils and waxes finishes to our furniture.

Why English Oak?

  • It is ‘home’ grown.
  • Produces unique and stunning pieces of furniture.
  • English Oak takes up to 80 years to reach full maturity (compared to 30 years for American Oak).  The result of which is a hard and durable wood, with a beautiful and even grain.

Designs Direct Limited, Unit 8 and 9, Riverside Mill, Greenfield Road, Colne, Lancashire BB8 9PE
T: 01282 863274, F: 01282 863274, E: designs@designsdirectltd.co.uk, W: www.designsdirectltd.co.uk