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Player Profiles Season 2003/04

  Name Position Profile
Craig Vickery (Jaaskelainen) Goalkeeper One of our best signings for some time, cos did we need a goalie, a quiet lad except for when he gets on the dancefloor, he doesn't move that fast on the pitch.
Simon Jones (Phil Neville) Full Back/Treasurer Finally got his grubby hands on the clubs money. He will be off buying veggie burgers with it, but a good dependable lad and goal of the season last year.
Chad Mayoh (Stephen Carr) Full Back The only fullback who can toe-end it for England, don't ever ask him to pass cos he will toe-end it as hard as he can . First game of the season threw up all over the pitch.
Lee Corns (Martin Keown) Centre Half/Vice Captain Congratulations are in order lee is soon to be a dad. lets home the baby looks like its mum. Played for us for a long time, a good dependable lad who looks like Keown too.
David Flounders (Jonathan Woodgate) Centre Half Brilliant all rounder - with the bat that is. Oh he sometimes plays football for us, good shot (sometimes) when on target.
Ian Fraser (Gary Speed) Midfield/Club Captain The old man. There is a saying you're a long time watching, so sorry boys I'll be playing for a bit longer yet. Got quieter in my older age, but can still pass through the eye of a needle.
Mark Corns (David Batty) Midfield Congrats Mark, soon to be a dad too, please let the baby look like its mum or we are struggling. Mark is all heart, pity he's not got any good feet. David Batty is Mark Corns look-a-like.
Gavin Farnworth (Juninho) Midfield Well Gav's played for us for ages now and his hair hasn't changed. Gav last season gave our goalie the dogyiest ever back pass, then he scored to make ammends.
Paul Smith (Jamie Redknapp) Midfield Had two major injuries playing for us, so his wife tries to make sure he doesn't turn up on Sunday mornings.
Duncan Bennett (Darren Huckerby) Striker If this lad played to his potential the world could be his lobster. Can play anywhere and sometimes he does.
Andy Dibb (Michael Bridges) Striker Our leading goalscorer over the past few seasons, that's because he never is in our half of the pitch, oh I forgot he misses loads.
Simon Kitchen (Mark Kennedy) Striker What can you say plays up front and scores, plays in defence good tackler, club trip never turns up.
Mark Hill (Matt Elliott) Full Back Now I like Mark, a good strong lad who can play anywhere in the back four, and he's nearly as old as me.
Stuart Dutton (Simon Davies) Midfield Always showed promise as a young lad, but now he's nearly 30, it's about time he found it. Great engine, bit like a diesel, slow to get going early in the morning.
Steve Gorman (Jonathan Greening) Midfield Another of the older brigade, his motto is 'you can play me anywhere' what that really means is just give me a game. Getting married soon so that might end his career.
Paul Southworth (Peter Crouch) Midfield Never turns up so what else can I write. Oh he's a mummy's boy.
Robert Baxter (Jason Wilcox) Midfield The best midfielder never to get back behind the ball. Bob's got a great left foot and uses it just for scoring, cos he doesn't pass with it. Bob likes playing in the rain, cos he says he lokes plenty of watter.
Chris Hogan (Steve Watson) Full Back/Trustee Was our assistant manager and resiged because he wanted to watch a better standard of football at Burnley F.C. A slight contradiction there.
S.Wilson (Kevin Poole) Goalkeeper Don't know him that well, he's our new reserve keeper and he should be good he covers up a lot of the goal. Scottish too and a keeper.
Jacob Sidorewic (Kevin Nolan) Midfield A young lad who Mark Corns brought. Lets just hope he's better than his mentor.
Martin.J.Broderick (James Milner) Midfield A young lad who just got out of school, looks promising and faster than his dad ever was, only time will tell, good first touch.
Martin.D.Broderick (Gerry Taggart) Full Back Good lad to add some age to the team - 45 - Good for the last 10 mins cos after that he's knackered.
Paul Ashworth (Richard Dunne) Full Back/Assistant Manager This lad is Redskins, he's been there since the first kick, so after 18 years why has he put on so much weight. Good player in his time - dirty rascal.
Keith Wilkinson (Paul Dickov) Striker/Assistant Manager How can anyone play and referee and only be in his mid twenty's and be so fat. A right grand lad and nearly as loud as me.
Phil Kitchen (Nigel Quashie) Midfield/Assistant Manager What can I say loves the game through and through but doesn't turn up much cos of family commitments, or is it cos the girlfriend is busy wearing the trousers.
Oliver Nowell (Antti Niemi) Goalkeeper That's another fine mess he's got us into now with 2 golakeepers. played well so far but can't aford to rest on his laurels.




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