Redskins Quiz (Questions Compiled by Ian Fraser)

1) Who did Redskins play in their first ever game (Aug 1985)?
a) North Valley F.C.
b) Palatine F.C.
c) Sparrow Hawk F.C.
d) Commercial F.C..

2) Who was the Redskins leading goalscorer in the first ever season?
a) Ian Fraser.
b) Robert Baxter.
c) Paul Brennand.
d) Andrew Dinsdale.

3) The Redskins first ever win came when they won 7-3 against who?
a) Paak Utd.
b) Snowball F.C.
c) Palatine F.C.
d) Hour Glass F.C.

4) The Redskins have only ever won one cup competition which was it?
a) Peter Shaw Cup.
b) Rotary Cup.
c) David Holmes Memorial Trophy.
d) League Cup.

5) In this final what was the score?
a) 1-0
b) 2-1
c) 3-0
d) 3-1

6)Who was the first ever Redskins player sent off?
a) Paul Ashworth
b) Steve Baker
c) Paul Brennand
d) Mark Corns

7) Who was the first player to win the famous 'I can't play this morning award'?
a) Marcus Sunderland
b) Lawrence Collinson
c) Duncan Bennett
d) John Taylor

8) The Redskins heaviest defeat was against North Valley at Hodge House in 1985 , what was the score?
a) 12-0
b) 18-0
c) 10-1
d) 15-1

9) The Redskins biggest win was against Hole in the Wall at Trawden Rec in 1989, what was the score?
a) 10-1
b) 11-2
c) 13-2
d) 12-2

10) Probably the best ever result was a hospital cup win against Padiham F.C, what was the score?
a) 4-2
b) 3-2
c) 4-3